April Monthly Favorites

April Monthly Favorites-Lutece Coates

Since May has arrived on the scene serving us Summer 17, it is time to bid farewell to April and all its glory. So I rounded up a few random things that I thoroughly enjoyed in April.

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April was pretty good to me this year, other than what seemed to be constant rain (which I guess is appropriate since “April showers bring May flowers”). I made a few new discoveries, bought some stuff, and really committed myself to my personal goals.

Whether big or small these things brought me some joy, maybe they will do the same for you in May.

Every new month brings 30 or 31 new daily opportunities.

April Monthly Favorites

Food Finds

1) Orgain Organic Plant Protein:

Just can’t get enough of this stuff! Sometimes protein powders, especially plant protein, can be a huge hit or miss. This one is a major win! It tastes so good that I don’t feel forced to mix it with fruit to make a smoothie.

All I need is some almond milk (preferably reduced sugar vanilla flavor) and two scoops of the protein and I’m set. Doesn’t taste chalky and vanilla flavor is even good! That’s rare!

2) Lipton Matcha Green Tea w/ Ginger:

So I was never into the matcha everything phase that everyone is currently in. Don’t get me wrong it has some awesome healthy benefits such as high in antioxidants, provides lasting energy, boosts your metabolism, and the list goes on. It just wasn’t something I was moved to try.

I can’t possibly run a lifestyle blog centered around willingness to change and try new things, without living that myself right? Exactly, so one day I found this tea in the grocery store and randomly decided to buy it. Best decision I made that day. It is a refreshing taste that you wouldn’t expect. No sweetener needed but I like my tea with a little bit of honey.

Curly Hair

Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner

3) Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner:

This item was not a new discovery, it is actually a ride or die product. A confirmed must have for me and my extra thick natural curly hair. I love this stuff so much, even when I try new conditioners I always gravitate back to this eventually. I typically would use it as a regular conditioner and then I started to use it to co-wash my hair.

This month on a whim I used it as a leave-in conditioner and I was shocked by the results. My hair was extremely moisturized, it did wonders for detangling my knotty curls, and it didn’t leave any white residue when mixed with the other products I used during the L.O.C. method. If you have thick curly hair I suggest you get some of this to make your life easier on wash day.

For The Body

4) Bath & Body Works Orange Ginger Body Lotion:

I have to admit that bae (better known as Mr. Bell) put me on this body lotion. He raved about it while we were on vacation once and the hotel offered the sample bottles in the room. Recently I was able to purchase the lotion and the body wash as a set for only $20 to give to him.

It has such a nice citrus smell, definitely not overpowering. Smells like spring and summer to me. He loves citrus scents so his house always smells inviting and full of energy. He has been the inspiration behind the development of the citrus scented candles in my new line of candles coming out soon.

5) Nike Slides:

I saved the best for last! As dumb as it sounds, I was thrilled to become the owner of some Nike Slides in April. Shoutout to Mr. Bell again for coming through for me in the clutch! He truly was looking out for me on this one. He purchased a pair for himself first and told me about them.

What he didn’t know at the time was how badly I wanted a pair. For years I wanted these simple shoes but never got around to purchasing them. Magically he asked me if I wanted some and I immediately replied “Yes!” He purchased my flops (in my Kevin Hart voice) for only $25, but you can get some here for a little bit cheaper. I’m not lying that was a happy ass day for me. Now every time I get ready to leave the house I’m like, “Hold on let me get my flops.” Lol!

**If you purchase a pair, be sure to order 1 size up.**

April Monthly Favorites-Sharing a few items that were my favorites for the month of April.

What were some of your favorites this month?

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