Can Day-Dreaming Lead To Discovering Your Passion


Every now and then I will get drawn into reading an article about discovering your passion. I tried all of these theories because I struggled with finding what was meant for me. Some of these methods were very insightful but I still didn’t get that Ah-ha moment.

So I started to pay more attention to what I would daydream about. People in general tend to daydream in meetings (that they want to end), at work, during downtime, waiting for your car to be serviced etc.

Basically whenever there is time to kill.

Those thoughts are usually about things you would rather be doing. Visualizing things that make you happy, places you want to be, and positive future scenarios.

Taking Action For Passion

I began taking notes of the thoughts at the forefront of my mind when I would drift off. Not saying that everything I thought about was relevant, but you should be able to identify things that may have a deeper meaning.

After analyzing my daydreams over a period of time I pinpointed these recurring themes:

  • Traveling to foreign places
  • Owning a business of some kind
  • Sharing my stories/experiences with others

Traveling to foreign places, planning trips, embracing adventures, and experiencing the culture is something I can say without a doubt that I am great at. Finding a way to share my experiences in life in hopes to inspire and help others came later through this blog.

I’m not the best blogger at all (hell I’m struggling to maintain a routine while managing my content), but I’m striving to get better. The internal drive comes from the fact that I enjoy it, I get a sense of accomplishment when my content is published.

Leap of Faith For Passion

Now, my next endeavor is to launch a business. So much work has went into deciding what I want to do and how I’m going to make it happen. Entrepreneurship is a scary leap to make. You never know if your idea will be an immediate success or a learning opportunity. Either way I will be proud that I was dedicated enough to go after my passion.

Failure is not trying and I will continue to try as long as God blesses me with life.-Click to Tweet

Discovering your passion can come to you at any time in your life. Doesn’t matter if you are 30 (like myself) or 50! What matters is when that day comes and that discovery is made, will you push ahead to follow it.

If you are struggling with discovering whatever your passion maybe, take an internal look at yourself in a unique way. By letting yourself drift off into a daydream, you may uncover things you are truly passionate about without instinctively pushing it down into your subconscious.

Just let it happen and when that daydream is over, write down what you saw. Do this for a period of time, don’t force it.

Then gather your notes and look for a theme or connection. You may be surprised at what you find.

Can Day-Dreaming Lead To Discovering Your Passion-Sometimes your innermost thoughts can lead you to great discoveries.

Do you think that there could be a connection between your daydreams and your passions in life?

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