Learn How To Be Grateful Now To Be Successful In The Future

Learn How To Be Grateful Now To Be Successful In The Future-Lutece Coates

Whether you are currently struggling or recently hit the lotto, you should be grateful. It’s much harder to wrap your head around being grateful when times are tough, but it could always be worse.

Learn How To Be Grateful Now To Be Successful In The Future-Success is being grateful for what you have now, while striving for better in the future.

If you pause in the middle of your daily complaints, you will realize that someone on this Earth won’t hesitate for a second to trade places with your circumstances.

An individual that remembers to keep that specific scenario at the top of their daily thoughts is truly special. Somehow they have mastered the art of being grateful, and for that they will have no limits to their success.

Everyone possesses the ability to achieve the highest level of success, but only by practicing gratitude. It isn’t just meant for a select few. All it takes is effort, patience, and a little thing called self-awareness.


Did you wake up this morning and prepare yourself for work? Did you rush through your workout just to give your undivided attention to the recent Game of Thrones episode?

I’m sure the answer is YES.

Each one of these activities took a level of effort that you were willing (or unwilling) to give. Learning to be grateful takes the same dedication.

At the least you could be grateful that you have a job to go to in the morning, whether you enjoy it or not.

That same job provides the financial means for you to afford the cable, that allows you to indulge in the tv masterpiece known as Game of Thrones.

You see what I just did? Those things may seem simple to you, but they are luxuries others wish for.

There is so much to be grateful for, take nothing for granted. Put effort into acknowledging everything by taking the time to be grateful.

Tonight before you prepare for bed, grab a notebook and write down at least 3 things you were grateful for today. Make this activity a part of your nightly routine and monitor the change in your attitude, you will be amazed at the levels of your personal growth.


Is it just me or does your level of patience seem to decrease as you age? You generally see that older adults tend to get annoyed so much quicker than children.

My patience threshold isn’t as high as it use to be, Lord knows I need some work.

If you are expecting miracles to happen overnight then you are setting yourself up to lose it, figuratively. You have to be patient with others as well as yourself.

You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and have Oprah Winfrey success! Oprah did her time and worked damn hard to get where she is. So guess what? You have to do the same!

What stands out with Oprah and other highly successful individuals is that they were grateful for their present and patient for their future.

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Not to sound cliche but patience is truly a virtue. When those dark moments rise up, don’t get frustrated and lose patience.

Instead steady yourself through prayer, meditation, and positive mantras. These positive influences will impact your life greatly and your patience will flourish.


If you aren’t an avid Gary Vee fan then you are highly unaware of his hardcore premise of being self-aware. I’m not going to present self-awareness in the same light he does, but I’m influenced by his perspective.

Self-awareness is being raw and real with yourself. If you aren’t living your life to the highest level capable, then you have to be aware enough to call yourself out on it.

Are you grateful? Do you complain constantly? Are your life goals progressing forward?

Look within yourself and answer those questions honestly. That my friend is becoming self-aware. Knowing your limitations, faults, and capabilities.

Now that your issues are out on the table, make a plan to change them for the better. This process is the evolution of becoming a better person internally and externally.

Once you become self-aware, your eyes are wide open to how your attitude and actions affect those around you.

No matter who you are or your social status, self-awareness is the sturdy foundation required for your empire of success.

Stay grateful and never think twice about showing it.

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