My ultimate purpose is to use words to drive results for your business/brand, and to do it with style. In other words, provide content that helps you make more money and boost your new customer count or readers.

I'm not a freelancer that only focuses on writing to a specific word count. That's not me at all! I thoroughly enjoy creating content that matters to my customers and take pride in providing quality results.

That drive and overall satisfaction comes from my own blogging experience. Two years ago I started a blog to serve as a creative outlet for myself while struggling with the dominate restrictions of my career and daily life.

Hitting that publish button for every post since then has given me confidence, happiness, and experience. My lifestyle blog gave me a purpose and I have enjoyed every minute of the hard work that has went into it.

Being able to witness the growth of my own project has greatly increased the pride I take in my written work. So imagine the immense effort and pride I will take in producing top-notch content for you, to serve a purpose that you truly believe in.

If you're wondering what my blog posts are like and what they can do for you, here are some examples:

So I don't just throw words together and call it writing when I'm hired.

I also do the following:

⇒ Conduct research to identify blog post topics that will appeal to your audience and get them talking
⇒ Pitch a few of those topics and ideas (upon request)
⇒ Choose a title designed to grab attention and encourage social media shares
⇒ Create posts that are easy to read and relatable
⇒ Make sure all posts are correctly optimized for search engines
⇒ Incorporate content marketing**
**If you so graciously decide to include my byline on the post, I will share it via my social channels as well.
Got to love content marketing!! 🙂

Now that you are well informed of my ability to produce great lifestyle content, its time for the money talk.

Yes, money does talk and it is pretty damn important. Let's not act like its not. Before I hit you with the price, lets clarify something.

Creating In-depth blog posts that are full of value for your customers/readers takes time. Effort and research are vital if you want to receive the best.

Personally, I refuse to provide anything less than my actual best to any customer.

So on that note, my blog posts start out at.........$50 each.

Prices range depending on the scope of the project and specific requirements upon request.

If you are ready to start working together and see some real results, let me know!

I'll just be right here (patiently) waiting for you to send me an email!!

(Where I will also be waiting impatiently for the new season of Arrow & The Flash!)

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