Rise Above Negativity & Reclaim A Positive Mindset Using Simple Techniques

Rise Above Negztivity-Lutece Coates

Life can be a difficult journey, so why would anyone entertain unnecessary negativity to make it worse. Every new day is filled with a desire to find your place in the world and maintain solace. Unfortunately there is no concrete plan and you never know what to expect from one minute to the next.

The ups and downs, smiles and frowns is what makes life unique. The power of negativity is strong and it can change the course of your day in a second. You may face the likes of negative people, attitudes, words, and actions anywhere.

Having ways to overcome negativity are essential in leading the healthiest life possible. Something as simple as changing your mindset, and incorporating things that promote positive vibes into your life is all you need. Start small with these simple techniques to rise above negativity and reclaim a positive life.

Establish a Positive Mantra

Say a few positive words or sentences to yourself upon waking, throughout the day, and before bed. This introduces positive reinforcement and also builds confidence. Don’t be afraid to say them out loud to yourself. The power of positive spoken word is unbelievably strong.

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Just Breathe

Sometimes you need to take a moment and breathe deeply and slowly. If you can find a quiet place around you to calm down and breathe, go there and do it. When you focus on your breathing you have the ability to connect with the moment itself. Just take a little time to slow down and be still.

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Know Your Worth

Consistently build upon your confidence and strive to become more self-aware. Do activities that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, this sets your self-confidence on fire. Knowing your worth is the frame that keeps everything standing tall to fight negativity.

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Completely separating mentally from the events of the day and focusing on you is hard, but important. Meditation provides a sense of clarity among the chaos and negativity. Starting your day with just a few minutes of meditation preps your mind and body for whats to come. You feel as if you have equipped yourself with the power of negative deflection.

Rise Above Negativity & Reclaim A Positive Mindset Using Simple Techniques-Push pass the negative things in life by keeping a positive mindset.

Always know that he Lord works in mysterious ways. For all the negative things that come your way, he will bless you with 10 times the positive.

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